molecular genetic analyses

Application of Bioinformatics


The application of bioinformatic tools requires well trained and experienced staff. We provide deep knowledge in software engineering as well as of many tools for statistics, data mining and databases.

  • Sequence comparison (BLAST)
  • Next generation sequencing (NextGENe, BWA, Mapping and Assembly with Quality (MAQ), Short Oligonucleotide Alignment Program (SOAP), Genome Analysis Tool Kit (GATK), ...)
  • Detection of insertions, deletions and SNPs (GATK, samtools, Affymetrix Genotyping Console Software)
  • Association studies, Linkage analyses (ALOHOMORA)
  • Copy number analyses, Loss of heterozygosity (LOH) analyses (Affymetrix Genotyping Console Software, Affymetrix Power Tools)
  • Expression data analysis (Bioconductor R, TIGR MultipleExperimentViewer (MEV), Affymetrix Power Tools (APT), Affymetrix Expression Console, Agilent GeneSpring Software, TopHat, Cufflinks)
  • Comprehensive data annotation (Unigene, Entrez Gene, Uniprot, GenBank, Ensembl, GeneOntology, Database of Genomic Variants (DGV), dbSNP, ...)
  • High throughput data analysis (Linux cluster on an IBM center)
  • Data handling

Service Range

  • IT and bioinformatics consulting
  • Project setup
  • Structured analysis and design
  • User requirement specification
  • Functional specification
  • Software engineering
  • Software test and validation
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