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Affymetrix SNP Genotyping Service

General Information

Affymetrix Inc. pioneered the field of oligonucleotide microarrays and has been the microarray ”gold standard” for fifteen years now. Affymetrix’ GeneChip™ technology applies a combination of photolithography and combinatorial chemistry to directly synthesise oligonucleotides on a glass surface. Up to 6.5 million different oligonucleotides are synthesised on a 1.7 cm² surface – an area as small as a thumbnail. Affymetrix was also among the first companies in the field to launch human whole-genome SNP genotyping chips. In addition, whole-genome SNP genotyping chips are available for various model organisms including mouse.

ATLAS Biolabs´ Affymetrix SNP Genotyping Service leverages the full potential of this technology: speed (up to 900,000 SNPs are simultaneously determined), the low amount of genomic DNA needed (200–500 ng), high call rates >99%, and high accuracy.

Why Choose ATLAS Biolabs’ Services?

  • ATLAS Biolabs is an Authorised Affymetrix Service Provider
  • ATLAS Biolabs’ personnel have successfully analysed tens of thousands of microarrays since 2001
  • Our service is fast (processing of up to 100 samples per day) and extremely reliable
  • We offer professional assistance for both planning experiments as well as further data analysis and interpretation

Human SNP Genotyping Service Portfolio

Single cartridge format SNP6.0 900K SNPs +
950K CNV markers
DMET Plus Content derived from Pharma ADME core panel
1,936 drug metabolism markers in 225 genes
96well format Axiom genotyping solution 560K fixed SNPs + 100K custom SNPs
Flexible content including data from the ”1000 Genomes Project”


  SNP6.0 DMET Plus Axiom
LOH analysis X X
Copy number analysis X X
(Pre)clinical studies X
LOH = loss of heterozygosity
GWAS = genome-wide association study

Service Range

  • Our Full Service covers the complete process from quality control of genomic DNA to determination of genotypes
  • Additional data analysis options such as linkage analyses are available in close cooperation with experts in the field

Data Delivery

  • 3–4 weeks for less than 100 samples. For more than 100 samples, please inquire
  • DVD/external HDD sent to customer includes all original data (except from the dat file), as well as the results of genotyping in XLS or TXT format


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