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SNP Genotyping Service

ATLAS Biolabs provides access to various technology platforms fitting the needs from genotyping just a few up to five millions of SNPs.

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are one of the two most common sources of genetic variation to man (the second one are copy number variants, CNVs). Today, more than ten million SNPs are known corresponding to a distribution of one SNP for every few hundred base pairs. Only about 1% of all SNPs are „coding SNPs“ (cSNPs) located within genes, and these may be directly pathogenic. However, the vast majority of SNPs are located outside of coding regions and - apart from eventually impacting transcriptional regulation - do not have any effect. Nevertheless, SNPs can be tightly linked to genes and therefore serve as markers to locate genomic regions harbouring e.g. disease-causing transcript variants, or quantitative trait loci (QTLs).

Nowadays, DNA chips offer the exciting possibility to interrogate nearly five million SNPs in a single assay within a few days, allowing genome-wide association studies. On the other hand, technologies exist for the screening of relatively few SNPs in a large number of samples during a very short time.


SNP Genotyping Profile

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