molecular genetic analyses

Next-Generation Sequencing Service

Some of the most important technological developments in biotechnology in recent years are summarized under the term „Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)“. While the deciphering of the first human genome (3 gigabases per haploid genome) took about 15 years and roughly 300 millions of US dollars in material costs only, today the raw sequencing data for a complete human genome (100 gigabases at 30x coverage) can be produced by a single machine within a few days and for just 10,000 US dollars.
This technological quantum leap has paved the way for numerous exciting applications: apart from de novo-sequencing, the new technologies are leveraged for transcriptome analysis (RNA-seq), methylome analysis (methyl-seq), the determination of transcription factor binding sites (ChIP-seq), the detection of disease-causing mutations, and the exploration of largely unknown ecosystems (metagenomics).
ATLAS Biolabs offers next-gen sequencing services on all major platforms in the field (Roche/454; Illumina/Solexa; Life Technologies/SOLiD), as well as the analysis of NGS data. In addition, we can provide our customers with combined solutions for targeted sequence enrichment and next generation sequencing, which in many cases is superior to whole-genome NGS. Especially, we are offering several possibilities for exome enrichment and sequencing.

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