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Exome Enrichment Services

Exome Enrichment and Next Generation Sequencing Services

Exome Enrichment and NGS Services from €990/sample

Targeted enrichment and re-sequencing of the exome is a highly efficient approach for focusing on the most important regions of the genome. Using Nimblegen’s SeqCap EZ Exome or Agilent’s SureSelect All Exon technology allows targeted enrichment of up to 70Mb. Exome sequencing has become the method of choice for identifying causative mutations of genetic disorders or functional variations for traits and drug responses.

ATLAS Biolabs offers Exome Enrichment services with the highest quality performance, fastest turnaround time and a price from €990/sample including Illumina HiSeq next generation sequencing.

Please contact Dr. Fikret Erdogan or Patrick Kelly for further information.

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