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Molecular Karyotyping / Array CGH Service

General Information

Over the last few decades, techniques in the field of cytogenetics have greatly improved, which has led to a significant increase in the detection rate of chromosomal aberrations. In traditional cytogenetic techniques, the resolution level is limited to at best ≈5 Megabases (Mb), and smaller chromosomal aberrations are generally not detected. In order to solve this problem and achieve a higher resolution, metaphase chromosomes have been replaced by oligonucleotide arrays, which provide a resolution as fine as just a few Kilobases (Kb). These new technologies are summarized under the terms "Molecular Karyotyping" and "Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization (Array CGH)".

Affymetrix´ and Agilent´s microarray platforms are among the world’s leading DNA chip technologies. Agilent’s CGH arrays provide a powerful tool for the genome-wide detection of copy number variations (CNVs). Affymetrix´ Human SNP Array 6.0 and the CytoScan HD Array can be used for SNP Genotyping and for the detection of genetic imbalances, such as copy number variants (CNVs), loss-of-heterozygosity (LOH), and copy number-neutral LOH (uniparental disomy).

Microarray Specifications

Total features
Average probe
spacing (kb)
1 x 1M
974,016 3.2
2 x 400K 
420,288 7.3
4 x 180K
180,880 17.6
8 x 60K
62,976 54.5
Cytogenetics Array
2,761,979 1.1
SNP 6.0
1,800,000 3.8

Molecular Karyotyping Service Portfolio

Array CGH
Cytogenetics Array
SNP 6.0
Man + + +
Mouse + - -
Rat + - -
Chicken + - -


Detection of ...
Array CGH
Cytogenetics Array
SNP 6.0
Unbalanced Translocation + + +
Amplification + + +
Deletion + + +
LOH analysis - + +
Copy number-neutral LOH - + +
LOH = loss of heterozygosity

Service Range

Full Service: Customer sends genomic DNA. ATLAS Biolabs takes over the complete processing procedure including sample labelling, array hybridisation, washing, scanning and basic data analysis.

Quality Control

ATLAS Biolabs is certified according to the international standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485

  • Quality and quantity control of genomic DNA by gel and photometric analyses
  • Quantity and the incorporation rate of each labelled DNA sample synthesised at ATLAS Biolabs will be determined by photometric analysis
  • All quality assurance procedures are electronically documented and available for our customers on demand

Data Delivery

  • 3–4 weeks for less than 30 samples. For more than 30 samples, please inquire
  • CD-ROM/DVD sent to customer includes: Original data, results file in EXCEL or TXT format


Affymetrix Service Provider

Agilent Certified x Services Provider

Molecular Karyotyping Grafic 1

Molecular Karyotyping Service Figure 1

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 blank EN ISO 13485
ISO 9001 service at ATLAS Biolabs is always oriented along internal quality rules which guarantee a constant quality of our work.
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