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Molecular Karyotyping / Array CGH Service

General Information

Over the last few decades, techniques in the field of cytogenetics have greatly improved, which has led to a significant increase in the detection rate of chromosomal aberrations. In traditional cytogenetic techniques, the resolution level is limited to at best ≈5 Megabases (Mb), and smaller chromosomal aberrations are generally not detected. In order to solve this problem and achieve a higher resolution, metaphase chromosomes have been replaced by oligonucleotide arrays, which provide a resolution as fine as just a few Kilobases (Kb). These new technologies are summarized under the terms "Molecular Karyotyping" and "Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization (Array CGH)".

Affymetrix´ and Agilent´s microarray platforms are among the world’s leading DNA chip technologies. Agilent’s CGH arrays provide a powerful tool for the genome-wide detection of copy number variations (CNVs). Affymetrix´ Human SNP Array 6.0 and the CytoScan HD Array can be used for SNP Genotyping and for the detection of genetic imbalances, such as copy number variants (CNVs), loss-of-heterozygosity (LOH), and copy number-neutral LOH (uniparental disomy).

Microarray Specifications

Total features
Average probe
spacing (kb)
1 x 1M
974,016 3.2
2 x 400K 
420,288 7.3
4 x 180K
180,880 17.6
8 x 60K
62,976 54.5
Cytogenetics Array
2,761,979 1.1
SNP 6.0
1,800,000 3.8

Molecular Karyotyping Service Portfolio

Array CGH
Cytogenetics Array
SNP 6.0
Man + + +
Mouse + - -
Rat + - -
Chicken + - -


Detection of ...
Array CGH
Cytogenetics Array
SNP 6.0
Unbalanced Translocation + + +
Amplification + + +
Deletion + + +
LOH analysis - + +
Copy number-neutral LOH - + +
LOH = loss of heterozygosity

Service Range

Full Service: Customer sends genomic DNA. ATLAS Biolabs takes over the complete processing procedure including sample labelling, array hybridisation, washing, scanning and basic data analysis.

Quality Control

Quality Management

  • Quality and quantity control of genomic DNA by gel and photometric analyses
  • Quantity and the incorporation rate of each labelled DNA sample synthesised at ATLAS Biolabs will be determined by photometric analysis
  • All quality assurance procedures are electronically documented and available for our customers on demand

Data Delivery

  • 3–4 weeks for less than 30 samples. For more than 30 samples, please inquire
  • CD-ROM/DVD sent to customer includes: Original data, results file in EXCEL or TXT format


Affymetrix Service Provider

Agilent Certified x Services Provider

Molecular Karyotyping Grafic 1

Molecular Karyotyping Service Figure 1

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