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Bioinformatics Analysis

The handling of data from high-throughput projects, e.g. massive parallel sequencing or microarray experiments, requires a thorough expertise in statistical genetics, knowledge of tools in bioinformatics and information technology. ATLAS Biolabs can offer you bioinformatic analyses in a standardised manner for detection of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs), insertions and deletions as well as for expression profiling experiments. This insures that our customers receive fast and reliable results upon completion of next-gen sequencing or microarray analyses.

Bioinformatics Analysis Portfolio

Next-Gen Sequencing

de novo or re-sequencing
Expression Data Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of next-gen sequencing, Affymetrix or Agilent expression data
CNV / LOH Data Analysis

Sophisticated analysis of Affymetrix or Illumina SNP data
Bioinformatics Analysis

Additional service: data analysis, data mining, development
Data analysis from quality reports to detection of insertions, deletions, and single nucleotide polymorphisms or expression analysis
Standardised analysis reports based on over 10 years of experience
Easily interpret data across multiple gene expression experiments
Evaluate quality of experiment through statistical methods
Comprehensive data annotation for the most top significant genes (Unigene, Entrez Gene, Uniprot, GeneOntology, etc.)
Graphical data representations (heat map, principal component analysis, hierarchical clustering)
Easily identify aberrations with affected genes and SNPs
Graphical representation of aberrations across chromosome
Statistics, bioinformatics or IT support for customer specific project needs
Custom analyses (sequencing, expression, exon or genotyping data)
Project definition (consulting, specification, setup)
Software engineering, testing and validation
Data hosting in managed data centre

Service Range

Furthermore, these processes can be optimised to meet your individual project needs. Our bioinformatics service is continuously extended and validated. Analysed data can comprehensively be annotated with information from various data sources, e. g. NCBI Unigene, Entrez Gene, UniProt, Ensembl, OMIM, KEGG Pathways etc. Data can be provided in different formats as MS Excel spreadsheet or as comma or tabulator separated value lists.

  • Next-Generation Sequencing: Based on customer sequencing data we generate quality reports of generated short reads. Short reads are de novo assembled or mapped to a given reference sequence. Subsequently the mapped data is used for detection of insertions, deletions or SNPs. The analysis of expression patterns from RNA-Seq is another option.
  • Expression Data Analysis: Based on customer expression data a report of standard statistical methods (M versus A analysis, Principal Component analysis, Clustering, t-test, ANOVA, False Discovery Rate) as well as most statistically significant genes (Annotation, Metabolic Pathways, GeneOntologies) is generated.
  • CNV / LOH Data Analysis: Based on customer SNP array data, a report with detected chromosomal aberrations is generated. The aberrations are annotated with affected genes and SNPs. The report includes a genome-wide chromosome view indicating aberrations.

Data Delivery

  • Timeline: 3–4 weeks after receipt of samples (for >50 samples, please inquire)
  • CD-ROM/DVD/external HDD sent to customer includes all original data (raw data), as well as the genotype data in XLS or TXT format


Bioinformatics analyses: heatmap of top regulated genes.

Bioinformatics analyses: excerpt of a karyogram

Bioinformatics analyses: top 100 Annotations

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